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Skilled Nursing

Divine HealthCare provides several options for skilled nursing care:


Skilled Nursing Visits and Private Duty Nursing

Skilled nursing includes Registered Nurse (RN) Services, Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Services, and Complex or Specialty Healthcare Services. These medical services may involve the assessment of physical and psychosocial needs, catheter insertion and care, diabetes management, wound and ulcer care, drawing blood samples, infusion therapy, and monitoring and training of oxygen, medication, and glucose levels.


Supervisory Visits

Under the nurse's supervision, families/caregivers are instructed on how to follow the physician’s orders to obtain maximum healthcare for the patient.


Home Infusion Therapy

This combines pharmacy and nursing services to administer medications through direct infusions or through injections.




Nursing Care FAQs

How much time will the nurse spend with the patient? 

Typically, the skilled nurse visits last about an hour. However, each patient has different medical requirements, therefore, our time with each patient is based upon their individual needs. We do not leave patients’ home until we have done a complete assessment and have provided educational tools to help the patient in between visits. 

How often will the skilled professional be coming to my home? 

Each patients’ frequency is based upon their health requirements and needs. After the initial evaluation, the RN will be able to provide you with your own personalized frequency. 

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